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Welcome to Cheryl Willis Hudson’s Blog!

4 Jun

You’ve come to a place where you can find information about children’s books, diversity, parenting and family literacy.

As an African American woman, a working mother of two, a wife, an entrepreneur and an active member of my community, I’ve had to wear quite a few hats. But it has been my pleasure to say that most of these hats have had something to do with reading, creating and spreading good news about books. I love books!

Come By Here LordMany Colors of Mothe Goose Bright Eyes Brown SkinMy African American American Bible Kids Edition

I love books because they can enlighten us and inspire us and empower us and our children to make this a better world. Books can also simply bring us joy.

Books are definitely culture carriers. I believe all of us can learn more about each other and can make a positive difference in the lives of children and adults by sharing our unique stories and the wonderful diversity of people on this planet. Good books do make a difference. I hope you are visiting this site because you believe in the power of books and the value of the diversity they bring into our lives. I hope you will come back for new and updated features as our community of book lovers and creators continues to grow.

Cheryl Willis Hudson